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Technometria - Issue #1; Identity, decentralization, picos, and books!

Technometria - Issue #1; Identity, decentralization, picos, and books!
By Phil Windley • Issue #1 • View online
Hi Gentle Reader,
Welcome to the inaugural issue of Technometria.
Technometria is my attempt to make sense of the technology that interests me through exploration, analysis, and, hopefully, reason. In these issues you’ll find ideas about information technology and my specific interests, including identity, decentralized system, computer science, and academia, interspersed with occasional forays into other technical and non-technical matters. Through that process, I’m forming myself and perhaps informing you as well.

Announcing Pico Engine 1.0
Persistence, Programming, and Picos
Passwords Are Ruining the Web
What is Privacy? - Anonyome Labs
How we save the world
Two Cheers for Anarchism: Six Easy Pieces on Autonomy, Dignity, and Meaningful Work and Play
The Software Architect Elevator: Redefining the Architect's Role in the Digital Enterprise
The Age of Surveillance Capitalism
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Phil Windley

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