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Smart Property; Technometria - Issue #19

Smart Property; Technometria - Issue #19
By Phil Windley • Issue #19 • View online
Smart property is much more than the anemic connected things we have now. Smart property imagines a world where every thing participates in digital communities and ecosystems, working through programmable agents under the owners control.

I just listened to this excellent podcast by Vinay Gupta about what he calls “smart property.”
The Future of Stuff Podcast: Ep.1 What is Smart Property? with Vinay Gupta | by Garrison Breckenridge | Mattereum - Humanizing the Singularity | Jul, 2021 | Medium
The idea is similar to what Bruce Sterling has called Spimes and what we’ve been building on top of picos for over a decade.
Smart property goes well beyond the internet of things and connected devices to imagine a world where every thing is not just online, but has a digital history and can interact with other smart things to accomplish whatever goals their owners desire. Things are members of communities and ecosystems, working through programmable agents.
A world of smart things is decentralized–it has to be. While Vinay talks of blockchains and smart contracts, I work on picos. Likely both, or some version of them, are necessary to achieve the end goal.
Manifold - Thing Management Platform
The Internet of My Things | WIRED
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