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NFTs and Climate Change; Technometria - Issue #3

NFTs and Climate Change; Technometria - Issue #3
By Phil Windley • Issue #3 • View online
This past week, two different friends (and former business partners) contacted me for a discussion on NFTs. Clearly, this craze is getting the attention of communities beyond the traditional crypto crowd. We’re on our way to the top of the hype cycle!
In both cases, I started the discussion by explaining CryptoKittes and their relationship to self-sovereignty. I start there because the case for ownership and control is very strong for CryptoKitties. That case is harder to make for some of the recent NFTs where the keys are less tightly bound to the actual digital artifact.
Self-sovereignty is an important concept for NFT creators and buyers to understand. For an NFT to be meaningful, it has to be something beyond what we could build with decades-old (now) web tech in a platform play. I can “buy” all kinds of digital goods on Amazon, Apple Music, and others. But, in truth, I’m just renting these since my “ownership” rests on the grace of the company who sold it to me. That’s not property in the way we’ve come to understand that term.
NFTs are one way we can claim ownership of some digital good. But the strength of that ownership depends wholly on implementation details that most are unable to assess. People are being offered gold coins, so to speak, with no way to assay them and determine their real value. I’m sure there will be some exciting twists and turns in the coming months.

NFTs, Crypto, and Climate Change
I’ve been digging in this week on NFTs and the continual drumbeat of crypto’s impact on the climate. The facts are hard to come by and the comparisons are difficult get right. These articles are a few of the best I’ve read on these topics.
Nic Carter: What Bloomberg Gets Wrong About Bitcoin Mining - CoinDesk
Total CO2 and distribution by sector from 2017
Total CO2 and distribution by sector from 2017
Climate and Crypto by Albert Wenger
NFTs Are a Pyramid Scheme and People Are Already Losing Money | Fstoppers
Identity, Privacy, and Security
The Privacy Confusion: first thoughts on clearer thinking | by Lessig
A Hacker Got All My Texts for $16
Indicio launches blockchain-enabled network for identity | Indicio Tech
Ross Ulbricht: Decentralize Social Media
Censorship in India
India has commanded attention in the identity space with their bold, but flawed Aadhaar identity system. They are also at the forefront of governmental wars on encryption and crypto currencies as well. Other governments are contemplating moves on encryption and crypto, so understanding the moves of the “early adopters” like India may provide insight.
Cryptocurrency ban to be made explicit; Govt to introduce Bill soon - The Financial Express
Who killed the micropayment? A history. | by Amber Case
Doc Searls Weblog · How anywhere is everywhere
End Notes
That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading.
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